Janet Forest

Nancy Cava is a priceless resource for anyone doing some soul searching and rethinking how they approach relationships. I am extremely goal-oriented and at times impatient. Nancy kept me centered and reminded me to celebrate my small successes as I work towards my greater vision. She brought kindness, empathy, and gentle honesty to every session, as I worked through internal obstacles that were keeping me from getting outside my comfort zone. She helped me put my fears in perspective and take baby steps. Throughout the process she was encouraging and had total faith in me.

William Berthel 

What’s more important than knowing Nancy as a coach is knowing her as a human. She has an abundance of empathy and compassion that in her coaching work she’s a natural. Her ability to listen with empathy and to reflect back just what I need to hear is her gift as a coach!. As a coach myself, she continues to guide me in my practice and my own transitions. If there’s ever a testament to consider it’s knowing how difficult it can be to coach another coach… and Nancy always comes to the session with her “A” game on and ready. Truly an awesome coach. I’ve been honored to have had the opportunity to be coached by Nancy.

Jennifer Durning

During my Reiki session, I experienced a lot of pressure near my heart chakra, and although Nancy did not physically touch me during the session, it felt as though she did.  The pressure felt warm, not uncomfortable, but it brought out an emotional response.   Nancy guided me through the process, and after the session we spent time discussing what my experience felt like.   She helped me understand my feelings and my emotional response.   For me, the pressure near my heart chakra connected directly with where I was in my life.   It was exciting, and overwhelming, but I was happy that Nancy was there by my side.