About Nancy Cava

My name is Nancy Cava

I’m a certified life coach, yoga teacher, and Reiki practitioner. 

I provide services to women in their prenatal and postpartum transitions of their lives by connecting on deep, meaningful levels, so they move forward confidently in the decisions they make in their lives.

Most women are looking for additional support during this time in their lives.  Whether they don't have a close person to turn to who has "been there", or aren't ready to share such big news with others, I help create the space and support by providing these women a safe container to share everything they are experiencing, no matter what stage of motherhood they find themselves.

As a certified life coach, I'm able to create specially designed programs for every woman I work with. 

These programs can include a combination of all my services, from life coaching, to yoga, to Reiki.  Coaching is such an essential part of this process, but growth is not always accomplished by coaching alone.  Yoga and Reiki programs are offered to help incorporate necessary grounding experiences, when everything else may feel unattainable.  Each client is supported with a one-on-one partnership to create a journey that is unique to them and can help provide the additional strength and support needed in this crucial time in their lives. 

I had firsthand experience of seeing new motherhood while living with my best friend when she discovered she was pregnant.  I took on the role of her birthing partner, attending childbirth classes and helping prep for the birth plan.  I was there by her side in the hospital, sharing in the moments that lead to an unplanned cesarean, but brought a beautiful, healthy baby girl into this world. 

In the year following my goddaughter's birth, I lived with my best friend and her newborn child, having hands-on experience in the most developmental stages of a newborn's life.  This involvement helped cultivate my awareness of how vital nurturing support is for women during this transformational time in their lives.

I love connecting deeply with people, and specifically
helping women feel empowered in their lives. 

This is me, 36 weeks pregnant!

This is me, 36 weeks pregnant!

My business excels in people skills and knowing how to cultivate instantaneous relationships by creating a space for those connections to feel seen and heard, while also discovering the confidence within to step forward and take action for themselves.  These women find the inner strength that they may have lost touch with along the way, and embrace their power as they transition in their new journey of motherhood.  

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